Financial Policy

We deliver the finest care at the most reasonable price to our patients.

Don’t let lack of dental insurance cause you to delay saving the health of your teeth. We’re here to help! Just let us know your concerns.

For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, Cherry Financial and CareCredit!

-> Cherry Tree Financial is a way to finance your co-pay/fee at zero % interest for 6-12  months :

-> Care Credit is offered with a 6 months deferred interest plan as an easy finance option if needed. Prior to your appointment Go to:

Our finance team will work diligently to maximize your dental benefits. We will also obtain the information needed so that you will know your out of pocket expense prior to your appointment and as a courtesy to you; we will submit your claim to your insurance company.

Dental Insurance:

We have a highly experienced, professional insurance team who will work hard to maximize your insurance benefits.

If you have questions before or after your appointment, please contact us at Shook Avenue Phone Number 210-824-2363. We are here for you every step of the way.

Insurance Information:

  • We accept all DPO/PPO dental plans, these plans allow you to see a specialist regardless of network status. 
  • If your dental specialist is out of network, does that mean it’ll cost you more? Not necessarily.
  • Your DPO/PPO plan means the monthly premium you pay for you dental plan is for both in and out of network benefits.
  • We are committed to helping you utilize all of your benefits to your advantage so you receive the recommended care from the specialist your general dentist has recommended.
  • At Vaughn Endodontics, we work out all the financial details BEFORE you come to your appointment, so you can make an informed decision regarding the care your doctor has recommended.  
  • We will submit your claim and make certain your insurance pays appropriately and in a timely manner.